4 x Pecan Stickies (Bake at home)

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Fill your home with the aroma of fresh baking, and enjoy our cream-swirled, cinnamon pecan stickies warm from your oven for a devishly delicious breakfast treat!

Carefully prepared brioche buns, swirled with a cream cheese filling with a honey, brown sugar, sticky pecan bun glaze.

It's super-easy to be a magician in the kitchen - simply take the package out of the freezer the night before you want to enjoy, and allow to defrost & proof at room temperature overnight.  In the morning, remove the sleeve & bake in the foil tray at 350F for around 25 minutes.  Allow to cool a little, before carefully turning out to serve & enjoy.

Ingredients: flour, salt, sugar, yeast, butter, eggs, milk, honey, brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon, cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla

Please be advised that allergens including wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, sesame, canola are all present in our kitchen, and therefore all items may contain traces of these.

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